Arches National Park, Moab, UT

I played around in Photoshop with these; channel mixers and curves etc. But the majority only needed a levels touch up! Enjoy!



Emily’s Bridals

My little sister Emily looked stunning in her wedding dress for this shoot. She was patient and luckily had lots of help (Thanks Mom, Holly, my wonderful wife Lisa, and of course Macey!). These shots were great to work with and even better to take. 


Macey Lately …

Sorry its been a while since a post. Since I got hired as a seminary teacher we’ve been moving, and from moving its  been taking my sister’s bridals and engagement pictures (a later post coming up). And further more, the long drives from Ephraim, UT to Monroe, UT (where I am teaching seminary) are wearing on me. Needless to say I have thousands of pictures waiting to be processed on my computer but these are the first few and proud. 

I love my little miss Macey Claire. She is spunky and independent, a handful and adorable. Enjoy these few pictures I took as I was taking my sister’s bridals. (Oh yeah, multi-tasking!)



Its odd, but a hobby of mine, when I have the time, is to just drive around and take pictures. Most of the time when I drive I see things and think “Huh, that would be a cool picture.” These are a few of the places where that has happened. Can you guess where they are at?

Old Stuff

Who doesn’t love old stuff? They make for a great shots and even better opportunities to work  in Photoshop.








“D” Winter Wedding

What a great couple! Weddings are great to shoot because of the natural love, happiness and moments that take place. Congratulations to this wonderful couple, they are a perfect fit.

F Family

It is cold this time of year, but this family brought so much warmth with their great attitudes, smiles, laughs and personalities. Loving families make for lovely photographs.


Christmas lights …

My daughter loves Christmas lights. She was awestruck by the christmas tree that we recently put up and she constantly stares at it. So we gave her a strand of her own and let her fill the void. I made the photos black and white to subdue the brightness of the lights and it also made for an interesting photograph.